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Comcast’s Xfinity Cable Prices, Packages & More!

Xfinity is a cable giant with 40 states of coverage, but what sets it apart from the rest? There are five TV-only packages and several bundle deals (combining internet & broadcasting) to choose from, for starters. And suppose you’re looking for some extra features or benefits that will make life easier as a senior citizen, Xfinity even provides additional features like voice search and large-button remotes.

Make your choice from among various Xfinity cable TV packages available. You’ll be able to find a bundle that suits you: whether it’s based on price or features or location. Below are some highlights of Comcast Xfinity that you must go through before deciding.

Xfinity X1

Xfinity’s all-inclusive entertainment service has more than enough channels to keep you entertained, no matter what your mood is. This product is perfect as it comes with voice control and an easy interface for seniors. This also offers internet streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video!

X1 is a combined streaming and TV service with more bells than you need. All shows are available across any device, so even if someone else wants something specific, they’ll find it too.

Xfinity Cable TV Prices & Bundles

Xfinity cable prices and channel lineups will vary by location. For example, a resident of Miami, FL, have different options than someone living in Allentown, PA.

Check the services and deals available in your area for Xfinity cable here!

Xfinity Cable TV Bundles

PackagePriceChannelTerm Agreement
Digital Economy Package$39.95/mo45+ ChannelsNo Term Agreement
Digital Starter Package$49.99/mo140+ Channels1-Year Agreement
Digital Preferred Package$59.99/mo220+ Channels1-Year Agreement

The common features of all three bundles include:

  • HD service.
  • Streaming top shows & movies.
  • An option to add new, flexible channel packs.

Xfinity Cable TV Bundles With Internet

PackagePriceChannelSpeedTerm Agreement
Internet Plus Instant TV$49.99/mo10+ ChannelsUp to 60 Mbps Download Speeds2-Year Agreement 
X1 Saver Double Play$69.99/mo140+ ChannelsUp to 150 Mbps Download Speeds2-Year Agreement
X1 Preferred Double Play$114.99/mo220+ ChannelsUp to 150 Mbps Download Speeds1-Year Agreement
X1 Premier Double Play$134.99/mo260+ ChannelsUp to 150 Mbps Download Speeds1-Year Agreement

If your internet use is moderate, these packages are a perfect choice for you. However, these aren’t the only packages available. Best Cable & Satellite TV are authorized dealers for Comcast Xfinity. You can give them a call or check their website out to know about more packages available based on Xfinity cable prices, internet speed, and availability in your area.

Xfinity Triple Play Packages

PackagePriceChannelSpeedPhoneTerm Agreement
X1 Saver Latino Triple Play$89.99/mo200+ ChannelsUp to 150 Mbps Download SpeedsUnlimited nationwide calling2-Year Agreement
X1 Preferred Triple Play$129.99/mo220+ ChannelsUp to 250 Mbps Download SpeedsUnlimited nationwide calling2-Year Agreement
X1 Premier Triple Play$149.99/mo260+ ChannelsUp to 250 Mbps Download SpeedsUnlimited nationwide calling2-Year Agreement

One of the best things about selecting Xfinity is that they offer various bundles to customize them further. So if you are looking for a package that provides internet, cable tv & voice as well, then these are some of the most suitable options offered by Xfinity.

Top Perks With Xfinity

Initial Trial Period

If you want to try Xfinity for 30 days, we’ll give your money back if it isn’t the right fit. The most promising part is that they offer a guarantee, so there’s no risk involved!

Voice Remote

With this remote, you can change channels & search for shows. You’ll also be able to control your streaming device with it so that everything is in one place. This voice remote makes watching TV even better.

No-Penalty Agreements

Xfinity offers customers a way to escape contracts with no early termination fees, but monthly rates may go up after the typical 12-month contract period.