Three Of The Reasons A Manufacturing Facility Should Install LED Bulbs

One of the most substantial expenses a manufacturing facility incurs is the cost of the electricity that is used to power the equipment and lights needed to operate. While traditionally large facilities were fitted with metal halide bulbs, recent upgrades in LED technology now allow a space to be well lit without using nearly as much power. The money savings of LED accessories is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other reasons to make the switch to more energy efficient light sources.

Life Expectancy

A standard halide bulb is designed to operate for up to 20,000 hours, and while this seems like an impressive amount of time, an LED model will last for twice as long. This not only reduces the cost of replacement bulbs but the labor it takes to keep bulbs working as well. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on standard bulbs that will have a short life-span, when LED products are ready to provide years of reliable use.

Lighting Control

A standard halide bulb can take upwards of 20 minutes to reach full output, and the lights cannot be dimmed which requires that they use their entire wattage pull at all times. LED bulbs achieve their full brightness instantly, which means that they can be used with a dimmer switch and can be controlled by a motion-sensing light switch, which can help even further in reducing the energy used by commercial light fixtures.

Color Rendering

Another benefit of LED bulbs is the quality of light that is produced. Most halide bulbs create a light that is often orange in color, which can cause a room to have a warmer tone and make it hard to distinguish between minor color changes. A High bay led lamp will provide a more natural colored light, which can provide better vision and increased detection of production issues related to color matching.

A business owner who is looking for a way to reduce expenses and increase the quality of their company’s working environment should consider making the switch to LED bulbs. While it does require a minimal investment upfront, most all companies save a notable amount on their electric bill which allows them to make up for the cost in only a few short months.

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