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3 Ways to Tell If It’s Time to Call Animal Control

When you feel like there might be raccoons or other small creatures taking up residence inside your house, you should take immediate action. Aside from spreading disease and illness, these creatures have been known to cause significant damage to household structures. To get these unwanted guests out of your home, it would be in your best interest to call competent professionals that can do it properly and safely. But before you make that call, how can you be sure that there are pests in your space? These three tell-tale signs should warrant a phone call.

1. Unusual Sounds and Noises – Are you hearing scratching, rustling, and skittering feet from inside the walls or the ceiling? Don’t worry – it’s not likely to be a ghost and might actually be a group of raccoons trying to figure out the layout of your home. These small creatures love the dead space inside walls because it’s the perfect temperature for raising a family. To make the job easier for professional animal control services, try to localize the sound and find out where it’s loudest.

2. Nesting Material in Odd Places – Make some time to visit your basement or your attic. Are there any structured piles of twigs, leaves, rocks, and dirt? Of course, raccoons need a place to rest and keep their offspring safe. So they will without a doubt start making a number of these small nests once they determine your house is a viable nesting area. Although you might want to destroy the nest when you find it, avoid causing any damage to it. It would be much better to leave it for animal control to inspect. This will help the services locate your pests more easily.

3. Poor Insulation – If your electricity bill has increased over the past several months, then it’s probably because of insulation damage caused by raccoons. These creatures can eat your insulation and even use some of the scraps to build their nests. So if you’re noticing that your airconditioner or heater doesn’t work as well as it used to, you might have to call the animal control specialists to find out whether the damage was caused by raccoons.

Keep your space safe from damage and disease by making sure it’s free of these unwanted house guests. So at these signs of an infestation, make sure you pick up your phone and call up the guys who can remove those pests easily, safely, and effectively. This will help make sure that your home is safe and healthy for everyone.

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