8 Lessons Learned: Sitemap

3 Reasons to Ditch Manual and Use a Sitemap Generator Instead

Basically a map of your website, the sitemap tells you all the different pages that exist on your website. Every website needs one because they’re used by Google and other search engines in order to provide search engine users with relevant content regardless of where it exists on your site. So because Google has a complete list of the all the pages on your website, that can make better suggestions by crawling through your site whenever someone searches a keyword that’s relevant to what you have to offer.

If you’ve been trying to manually generate a sitemap all of these years, it’s time to give up the ghost. These three reasons should tell you why automated is better, and how a sitemap generator can help ease the process.

1. Faster and More Efficient – Sitemap maintenance can take months if you try to do it manually instead of using an automatic sitemap generator instead. You’ll find out just how tiring it can be when you discover that it takes serious technical know how and speed, especially if your website generates lots of new content on a regular basis. So it’s always better to use a sitemap generator instead because they take less time by allowing you to generate accurate maps with the click of a button.

2. Optimized Website for Better Rankings – Not a lot of business owners are aware of the negative effects broken links can have on their website’s performance in terms of search engine ranking. This is becaue search engines will have a hard time crawling a website with broken links littered around, so they will present results to websites that are easier to explore. With a sitemap generator though, you can easily figure out where any broken links might lie so you can resolve the problem and rank higher in search engine results. So ultimately, a sitemap generator becomes an indispensible tool that you can use to help you optimize your website for better visibility and greater conversion.

3. Maintenance is Made Easier – Once a sitemap generator has created a sitemap for your website, it can easily refresh the sitemap to include any new additions or to remove exclusions that you might have made. This makes it a whole lot easier to maintain the sitemap all together, because you won’t have to keep searching through your sitemap to make any adjustments. Ultimately, this lets you make changes to your website with confidence knowing you won’t have to allot several days or weeks to just making sure your sitemap is up to date.

It’s no longer best practice to manually update a sitemap. So make sure you get the best and the fastest results with a reliable sitemap generator instead.

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