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Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Men That Could Dictate Testosterone Treatment

One of the most important hormones in men is the testosterone which is produced by the testicles. The hormone is so powerful in men as it deals with the low of the man and the sexual feeling.Testosterone stimulates sperm production as well as men’s sex drive. Your bones and muscles are going to have some significant development because of having enough testosterone hormone in your body. The scientist says that the production of the hormone will decrease as you grow old. You can receive a wide range of symptoms if the level of testosterone goes down that the one which is allowed at a particular age.Fortunately, there is a simple blood test that is done by the specialists to check your testosterone levels.Before you get treated, you will have to undergo the testing.Analyzed below are some of the symptoms that show that you could be experiencing low testosterone and that you need the help of the doctor for therapies.

You have no desire to have sex
The testosterone hormone is very useful in terms of helping men to have good sex.A lot of men have been said to reduce their libido as they age.However, most of them with low testosterone will likely experience even more drastic reduction in their wanting to have sex.

Difficulty with erection
Nothing that is so ghastly in men than to have erectile dysfunction because they can’t enjoy the intercourse as well as making their partners feel good also during sex and it has led to the breakages of most families. The testosterone hormone helps men to have an erections well as maintaining it for long. Having low testosterone will make you not to have erection prior to the intercourse and also can make you to have unprompted erection.

Low semen volume
Another important role played by the testosterone is that that it leads to the production of semen which is a milky substance that helps in the motility of the sperm. If you notice that during your intercourse you have a decrease in semen when ejaculating, know that you are likely having low testosterone.

A lot of body functions are made possible by the availability of enough testosterone and the production of the hairs is one of the functions.Balding is natural part of aging for men and there are families too that have balding.

Weariness or lack of energy
Men with low testosterone have been said to have acute fatigue and decrease in energy levels. You could be suffering from low testosterone if you are ever tired and not feeling to do anything that requires you some energy.

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